Around the drzzle application, you'll notice some buzz words that may not be super obvious to understand. Here you should find some helpful information on what those should mean.


Droplets are web components that make up a webpage. They are not limited to a type, rather, they can be a wide range of things, including a video player, some general text, a map, a navigation menu, a button, tabs, cards and the list goes on.


A puddle is a type of droplet that can accept more droplets into it. Essentially this means that you have the ability to drop certain droplets into a puddle. Each puddle has a certain set of droplets that are allowed in it.


A section is just like it sounds. Pages are made up of sections and sections allow all droplet types to be dropped in them. You can have an unlimited amount of sections in a page and an unlimited amount of droplets in a section.

Content Block

A content block is a kind of droplet that can be dropped outside of a section as well as inside. Essentially these droplets can serve as their own section, however most content blocks don't allow other droplets to be dropped in them.


A template is consisted of reusable droplets. For instance, if you wish to have all of your pages have the same navigation and footer droplet, it's recommended to create a template with those droplets, then select that template when creating new pages. All pages using a template will be updated when editing the template droplets.


A draft is a copy of a page that can be used to experiment with. It can also be used to save your work that may be in progress and not yet complete. Once a user publishes the draft, it will replace the live page version.


Boilerplates are pre created websites that are created internally. They typically contain placeholder content and are tailored for a certain type of website (like a restaurant, a church, a blog site etc.). We use UX and visual design best practices when creating them.